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Wheat Plant


Melanie and Paul Thompson of Ardath Aquisitions and Trading

An honest and reliable Western Australian brokerage business that simply loves to find you the best deal.

Ardath Acquisitions and Trading is the business venture of dynamic duo, Paul & Melanie Thompson.

Originating as a natural extension of their family farming business, Paul ventured into trading commercial and light vehicles, transport equipment and farm machinery, sparking a passion-driven journey.


Paul's enthusiasm for exploring the dynamic markets of new and second-hand vehicles, machinery and equipment is truly infectious. As word spread, AAT experienced rapid growth, with friends, neighbours and the wider community turning to Paul for assistance in purchasing or selling vehicles and machinery at competitive prices.


Since its inception, AAT has been actively sourcing a diverse array of vehicles, machinery and equipment from Western Australia, Australia and beyond. With a passion for researching and uncovering pricing trends within each market, Paul is dedicated to securing the best deals for our clients, ensuring that each transaction is well-informed.


As a strictly small family-run business, AAT offers a personalised service, so clients will only work with Paul to achieve their desired outcomes. His wife Melanie exclusively handles the accounts and administrative aspects of the business, ensuring a seamless operation behind the scenes.

Honesty and reliability
We do what we say we will do. 


The highest standard of service

All calls and messages returned within a 48-hour period.

Over a decade of knowledge and research into the markets of new and second-hand vehicles, machinery and equipment.


John Deere tractor and seeder bar in paddock at sunset


AAT can help you save money by locating the best deal on the machinery, equipment and vehicles you are looking to purchase.

Freightliner truck on gravel road


AAT can assist you in making money by securing a fair price for the machinery, equipment or vehicles you wish to sell.

John Deere tractor and chaser bin in crop at harvest time


A variety of machinery, vehicles and equipment, providing an additional marketplace service and passing on valuable opportunities that we discover across the new and second-hand markets.

Wheat Plant

Mark (Great Southern, Western Australia)

In early 2020 we engaged Paul Thompson on the recommendation of a mutual friend to source a quality tandem drive truck. The success of this led us to ask Paul to present options for a complete seeding rig. After discussing our brief he presented spreadsheets on gear suitable from within WA as well as the Eastern States with full delivered costings. His ability to negotiate and his insights on value realised us savings approaching $80,000. The AAT service is direct, prompt and appropriate.
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